Space Game: Where in the Solar System is Destination Two? (day 4)

Hey Space Bloggers!

How about a recap? Here’s what we know so far about about Destination Two:

Day 1 (NASA transmission and two views of NH) – Destination Two has never been photographed from up close; a spaceship that we call ‘NH’ is on it’s way to Destination Two; NH left Earth in 2006 and is traveling nearly 1,000,000 miles a day, but won’t get there until 2015.

LambsyDivy did some neat space math to show us how very far away from Earth Destination Two must be by now.

Bella Bear did some more cool space math to figure out how old she would be when she’ll get to see the first close up pictures from Destination Two. (How old will you be?)

Day 2 (the 1st limmer-iddle) – turns out it was pretty confusing.

Day 3 (the 2nd limmer-iddle and some hints) – Destination Two is small and neither terrestrial (Earth like) or gas; it was kicked out of one class of objects when Hubble (the space telescope) showed that it was part of a different class; it takes sunlight 4 hours to reach Destination Two and only 8 minutes to get to Earth; it’s much darker there.

***Bonus Clue thanks to Aidoboy – On day 1 Aidoboy got off to a great start by figuring out that the spacecraft ‘Dawn’ would arrive at Vesta (in the asteroid belt) in 2015, and naturally wondered if NH was Dawn.

  • Here’s the hint: if Dawn was the ship heading to Destination Two, we would call it ‘D’, instead of ‘NH’.
  • Extra hint: to see what ‘NH’ stands for, re-read day 2.

Okay Space Bloggers – Go for it!

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