Space Game Rules!


Space Game takes us on a virtual tour of the Solar System, blindfolded. That’s right, we travel by internet and we can’t see where we’re going until we get there. (Well I can, but somebody has to do the flying.) When we arrive at each new Destination, you guess where we are. That’s the game part. On day 1 you see the first view of our location. Day two brings a combination limerick/riddle, aka a limmer-iddle. Days 3 & 4 reveal notable features of the region and, of course,  current and prior visiting spacecraft from back home. By day 5 most of you have figured out where we are, so we wrap up, bid our host a fond (or not) farewell, and prepare to transport to our next Destination.

Space Game clues are posted on regular blog days, that’s every Tuesday. In-between post days feel free to take a guess, ask a question or just share a thought. Click on ‘Leave a comment‘ below each post, and well, leave one! I’ll answer. I promise. And just maybe another Space Blogger will chime in, too!

Newcomers may join the game at any point. Just be sure to check for clues at each SpaceBlog post from the current Destination. Then start guessing!

That’s it. Have fun!

RULES (more like guidelines)

  1. Destinations may be any important body or structure between the sun and the Kuiper Belt, such as planets, dwarf planets, moons, comets, and plutoids. Every destination will be well known. No tricks!
  2. You can guess up to three times at each destination, unless you really want to guess more and then its okay.
  3. Include at least one reason why you made that guess, unless you really don’t want to.
  4. You can ask questions, which I will answer if I can do so without giving away the destination.
  5. Space Bloggers are free to answer each other’s questions, and share their ideas.
  6. There is no limit to the number of Space Bloggers who can guess ‘right’. You are part of a nearly infinite set of clever humans.
  7. Use your favorite nickname, not your real name, to leave a comment or reply. If you forget, I’ll notify you and hold your comment until you make the change.

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