Space Game: Where in the Solar System is Destination Two? (day 3)

Hey Space Bloggers!

Some of my closest friends and fellow Space Bloggers let me in on a bit of news; Yesterday’s limmer-iddle wasn’t much help!  Since I care about you guys and can’t stand to leave you out in the dark (although ‘darkness’ sort of comes with the territory out here at Destination Two) here’s another one!

Some say I have too little mass

and am neither terrestrial nor gas

so they booted me out

when the Hubble found out

that I’m part of a whole other class!

Hope that sheds a little light on Destination Two. The sun sure could use the help! Did you know it takes sunlight 4 hours to travel all the way out here! It gets to Earth in just 8 minutes. It’s no wonder NH is taking so long.  But still I wish it was faster. It’s lonely out here! It sure would be nice to see a friend from Earth come up over that New Horizon. (that’s another clue!)

Hope this helps! Keep those guesses and suggestions coming in. I love ’em!

About Jane Peddicord

Jane Ann Peddicord is an award winning author, lawyer, and space enthusiast. About her first book, NIGHT WONDERS, Laura Kraft of the W.M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii wrote, “We’ve long waited for books such as these to explain, in age-appropriate language, some of the fundamental concepts that have shaken the foundation of Physics.” Jane is represented by Rosemary Stimola of the Stimola Literary Studio and likes science, space, and springer spaniels.
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