Space Game: Where in the Solar System is Destination Three? (Day 4) The Location is…


Wow! Only three days. Congratulations Bella Bear and Aidoboy for being the first to write in that the ‘big galoot’ was really that giant among gas giants, the fifth planet from the sun. But we’ve got some unfinished business. Looking through our solar system family album, I came across pictures of all these spacecraft that beat us here.

Count ’em!

Image Credits: NASA                             NASA                                NASA/JPL                                       NASA
Image Credits: NASA/ESA                        JPL                                       NASA                                       JHUAPL/SwRI

Eight! That’s right 8 ships have passed this way in the last thirty odd years. It’s got to be the most explored spot in the outer Solar System. I guess it makes sense. There’s a lot of Jupiter to explore! And there’s another ship coming. Take a look at this technological wonder scheduled to launch from planet Earth in August 2011.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Lockheed Martin

Hmmm, I wonder what those ‘wings’ are for? If you have a chance, check Juno’s mission site and let me know, would ‘ya. And what’s that I hear about a titanium vault onboard?

Next week…Destination Four!

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