Space Game: Where in the Solar System is Destination Three? (day 3)

Hey Space Bloggers!

You have got to see this picture! I found it in an old Solar System family album. Look at it upside down for a laugh.

Look like anyone you know?
Credit: NASA/NSSDC/McDonald Observatory(Univ. of TX)/Dr. Yongha Kim (Univ. of MD), Dr. Beth Clark (Univ. of TX) and Dr. Bill Cochran (Univ. of TX)

Funny right? That’s Destination Three getting slammed by a giant comet.  Actually, it was slammed by 21 giant shards from a comet that fractured when it hit the atmosphere. See, about five decades ago, this comet got pulled off its path and into orbit around Destination Three. That lasted maybe thirty years until it strayed just a little too close to the big galoot. Then WHAMO!

I’m sure glad we weren’t here then! That picture was taken all the way back at the McDonald Observatory, Fort Davis, Texas, USA, Planet Earth. That’s at least 391,000,000–yes, 391 million–miles away! Those must have been some serious blasts!

Tomorrow…an Earth ship coming to Destination Three? We’ll see about that!

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