Space Game! Where in the Solar System is Destination Six? Special Aristarchus Edition!

Hey Space Bloggers!

Gulfstream wrote in the other day and made a brilliant point about Aristarchus.  She said that both Aristarchus the crater on Destination Six and Aristarchus the Greek mathematician/astronomer were, well brilliant.  See the resemblance?

Credit: NASA, ESA, and J. Garvin (NASA/GSFC) ……………………… ( circa 310 to 230 BC)

You see, Aristarchus was the first person we know of to realize that the planets orbit the sun, not the Earth. He figured that out by watching the sun, moon, and planets move through the sky and then applying a little logic and geometry. It seems obvious now, but for another 1800 years most people still agreed with Aristotle that the Earth was the center of the solar system! I know…it’s crazy!

Aristarchus also figured out that the sun is much bigger than the moon, even though they look about the same size from Earth.

So Gulfstream was right. Aristarchus was quite a bright bulb in his day, even if he did dress really weirdly!

Credit: NASA, ESA, and J. Garvin (NASA/GSFC

Aristarchus, on the other hand, is brillant because its young – only about 450 million years old, which is just a kid in crater years. Solar winds haven’t had time to cover up the bright, scooped out surface.

It’s also huge! Almost three times deeper than the Grand Canyon.  In fact, Aristarchus is so big and bright (like the stars at night) you can see it from Texas!


Thanks for the great comment, Gulfstream! (She also gave a pretty big hint about the location of Destination Six, if anybody’s still wondering.)  And thanks for letting us know about The Houston Astronomical Society.  I see from their website they have regular star parties at a ‘dark site’.  Ooooo, spooky! I’m pretty sure those parties are real, not virtual!

I’m also pretty sure there are more bright bulbs out there, so I’m hoping we’ll hear from a modern day Aristarchus, soon. I must have left out something important that he can fill us in on!

See you Thursday, Space Bloggers. Newcomers, be sure to check out Space Game Rules!

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  1. Bella Bear says:

    He told us about……..astronaut food!

  2. Bella Bear says:

    Last weeks a NASA astronaut came to my school!
    I saw an astronaut today
    I asked if he had come to play
    It seemed that he had come to say
    I’m going to blast away,hurray!

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