Space Game! Where in the Solar System is Destination Eleven? (day 1)

Hey SpaceBloggers!

Have I got something special for you today, or what!  (The answer would be, yes.) As you know, day 1 of a new Space Game destination is traditionally picture day. Well today you get a fantastic picture from Destination Eleven and THEN SOME! Intrigued?

Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

Believe it or not, these are pictures of the tallest know Northern Lights in the solar system. They stretch above D11’s northern hemisphere for 746 miles. That’s like stretching a curtain of lights all the way from Chicago to New York City! And then tipping that light show on its end so that it’s pointing straight out into space.

Now are you ready for the ‘THEN SOME’?  Just click to download than hit play to watch these fantastic auroras in motion over D11. (courtesy NASA, JPL, SSI) BTW, that white glow in the distance is sunlight shining on D11’s day side.

Cool, right? (The answer would again be, yes. Totally!)

New to Space Game? Check out Space Game Rules! But be quick…the game is aloft!

About Jane Peddicord

Jane Ann Peddicord is an award winning author, lawyer, and space enthusiast. About her first book, NIGHT WONDERS, Laura Kraft of the W.M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii wrote, “We’ve long waited for books such as these to explain, in age-appropriate language, some of the fundamental concepts that have shaken the foundation of Physics.” Jane is represented by Rosemary Stimola of the Stimola Literary Studio and likes science, space, and springer spaniels.
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2 Responses to Space Game! Where in the Solar System is Destination Eleven? (day 1)

  1. Dr. Spaceman says:

    The fact that there are northern lights makes me think its a planet…

    Assuming its a planet, the fact that the northern lights are the biggest makes me think its either a large planet (so probably Jupiter), or its close to the sun (I would say Mercury but i think it has a minimal atmosphere, so possibly Venus?).

    But, I’m not positive that proximity to the sun or size is the deciding factor. It could be something like the strength of the magnetic field that matters. If that’s the case I have no idea which planet it would be..

    Guess I’ll just have to wait for day 2’s hint…

    • Great comment, Spaceman. And I’m impressed that you connected northern lights with a magnetic field. Here’s how the free defines the northern lights, or aurora borealis, on Earth:

      an atmospheric phenomenon consisting of bands of light caused by charged solar particles following the earth’s magnetic lines of force.

      Here’s a question for all you Space Bloggers out there – Do only planets have magnetic fields? What about moons? (BTW, that’s not a hint – just a point of interest.) Follow Dr. Spaceman advice and check day 2’s post for another clue to the whereabouts of Destination Ten…

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