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Want to Explore?

Hi Space Bloggers! Bella Bear wrote in recently and said that she would like to explore an unknown planet. If you like that idea, but don’t want to wait until we find one – and figure out how to get … Continue reading

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Earth-Like Planets?

Hey Space Bloggers! After my last post, Erin wrote in about NASA’s Kepler Mission, a space telescope that is searching for Earth-like planets in our galaxy. She heard they found one. And guess what? She’s right! Following the Earth around … Continue reading

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What about Jupiter?

Hi all you SpaceBloggers! After learning that we don’t know what Pluto looks like yet, mathematician1 asked, “What about Jupiter?” A very good question that I couldn’t wait to answer! As it turns out, New Horizons took some fantastic pictures … Continue reading

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Welcome to SpaceBlog!

Here you can ask, answer and discuss all things space related. To get us started, I’m going to ask a question: What does Pluto look like? Those of you who are already googling, don’t bother. Because the answer is: WE … Continue reading

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Post Script

In case you’re wondering: 1.  No, the photo at the end of the previous post (also below)  is NOT SpaceBlog taking off. It’s New Horizons atop an Atlas 5 rocket launching from the Kennedy Space Center on January 19, 2006. … Continue reading

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