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***Special Report: CURIOSITY

Hey Space Bloggers! Here’s a question for you. CURIOSITY is ___ ? a. the wish to know b. a science lab on wheels c. about the size of a small car d. on its way to Mars right now e. … Continue reading

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Space Game! Where in the Solar System is Destination Eight? And the location is…

You guessed it, Erin Ivy. Congratulations! That destination with the icy white cap and the cozy lap for visiting rovers,¬†two ¬†moons whizzing across its night sky, the highest mountain and longest canyon in the solar system, and dunes the size … Continue reading

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Want to Explore?

Hi Space Bloggers! Bella Bear wrote in recently and said that she would like to explore an unknown planet. If you like that idea, but don’t want to wait until we find one – and figure out how to get … Continue reading

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