Space Game! Where in the Solar System is Destination Eleven? And the location is…

Hey Space Bloggers!

Congratulations to Dr. Spaceman for getting us off to a great start!  After seeing those crazy, enormous Northern Lights on day 1, he thought Destination 11 might be a planet. Excellent thinking!  He must know that such aurorae are caused by the solar wind flowing across a magnetic field.  The sun provides the wind, but it takes something BIG, like say a planet, to form a magnetosphere.

Then D11 himself spoke up in day 2’s limmer-iddle  and revealed that he is ‘a huge gas filled ball’. So I’m sure that got a lot of you thinking GAS GIANT.

Credit: NASA

But which one? (you asked yourself) After all, there are four.  Then you noticed another clue in the limmer-iddle; D11 said he was ‘not the biggest’. Okay, that knocks out Jupiter. And we are down to three.

From day 3‘s post you cleverly deduced that the ‘arms’ Galileo saw were really rings.  You then checked and found out that, while all the gas giants have them, only one has bright reflective rings that can be seen from Earth.

But what really cinched it for Archimedes was finding out on day 4 that one of D11’s many moons is our own Destination TenTITAN!

That’s right, Space Bloggers. You guessed it.  Destination Eleven is none other than that lighter than  water, sparkling gem among giants…


Check here and here to see what NASA‘s intrepid spaceship Cassini has learned about Saturn and its moons in the first seven years of its thirteen year expedition.

Check back HERE next Tuesday for a brand new Space Game destination!

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