Space Game! Where in the Solar System is Destination Ten? And the Location is…

Hey Space Bloggers!

Congratulations Bird of the Wind and Archimedes. You were both right! You figured out the location of Destination Ten from the following clues hidden in just three posts:

Credit: NASA/JPL

On day 1 you learned that D10 was a lovely golden ball in space with a very important visitor named Cassini. You probably went right to the Cassini mission website and saw this early picture.

Although Cassini is managed by a committee of three (NASA, ESA, and ASI) it turns out to be a pretty amazing spacecraft, with its own eyes, legs, arm, hands, voice, and brain! Need a little help finding them – no problem. Just click here for a guided tour by our old friend NASA.

For sure, you found out that Cassini has been exploring Saturn and its 62 moons for fourteen years. 62 MOONS !!! You thought. Oh my gosh! How am I ever going to figure out which moon is D10?

But you stayed calm and on day 2 you found out that D10 is unlike any other moon in the solar system. It’s big enough to be planet, with dunes, oceans, and an atmosphere! That narrows it down a lot, you thought. (Good thinking!)

Credit: NASA/JPL

On day 3 you found out that in 2005, D10 was tickled by a probe.  You went right back to the Cassini site and found this artist’s drawing of the Huygens Probe heading for Saturn’s largest moon.

Ah-ha! you say. And rightly so, for you have just solved another astounding Space Game mystery. And your reward — click now for a ride on a very cool virtual tour (courtesy NASA) of Saturn’s spectacular moon….


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