Where in the Solar System is Destination Nine? And the location is…

Congratulations Bird of the Wind, Gulfstream, and Aidoboy for figuring out that Destination Nine is indeed one of the four moons of the the gas giant Jupiter discovered in 1609 by Galileo Galilei, with a warm water sea that Earth scientists feel just might harbor life, and like a continent on Earth, was named after the mythical queen…


Thought you might be interested in the Europa Lander Mission plan once considered by NASA.

Credit: NASA

Unfortunately, budget cuts made this  mission unlikely. But not one to give up easily, NASA entered into discussions with ESA about a possible joint mission which they announced in 2009.  The Europa Jupiter System Mission [EJSM] would take a close look at Europa’s potentially life filled seas.

Credit: JPL/NASA

Pretty amazing, eh? Just hope this mission happens…I can’t wait to find out if they’re right!

I’ll keep you updated in future posts. And, as always Space Bloggers, your comments are welcome!

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