Space Game! Where in the Solar System is Destination Nine? (day 3)

Hey Space Bloggers!

Aidoboy has figured out what planet we are near here on our virtual visit to Destination Nine (see his comment to the last post). All you have to do now is pinpoint exactly which of that planet’s many moons we are on. Here is your next clue.

This particular moon is the focus of much attention on Earth because it may have three ingredients necessary for life:

  1. water – a huge liquid ocean covered by a layer of ice
  2. heat energy – the gravitational pull of the nearby planet probably causes tidal waves rocking and warming the ocean
  3. organic molecules – brought by comets

Credit: NASA/JPL

In fact, NASA and ESA are so curious about the possibility of carbon based life on Destination Nine that they may send a joint mission here in the next decade. So be quick. We’ve gotta get out of here before they come!

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