Space Game! Where in the Solar System is Destination Six?(day 3)

It’s not that Destination Six can talk. Really. It just sort of looks like it can, if you don’t have a very good telescope. But I’ve been making a list of everything going on there lately and I’m pretty sure I know what Destination Six would say, if it could, which is this:

After 4.5 billion years of complete privacy, this sudden rush of attention takes a little getting used to. It started slowly enough; first a ship called Ussr flew by and snapped some pictures of my dark side. Next a spindly legged craft calling itself Usa floated down out of the sky. She was reasonably polite, touching down softly and not overstaying her welcome. Then for a while, nothing. I really thought they’d forgotten about me. But they’re back. Not Ussr, but Usa and some other friends with funny names like Esa, Jaxa, Clep, and Isro. Only this time, nobody is being polite!

I mean, pictures are one thing. But is it really necessary to take detailed photographs of every square inch of my surface??? It’s not like I’m trying to board an airplane or anything.  Geesh, even an orbiting body in space deserves a little privacy, don’t ya think?

That’s not all. What really gets me is that when they’re done, they all seem to think its just fine to crash their used spaceships into me.  Haven’t they ever been to a national park? I mean,  its one thing to have a good time, but please – take your trash with you! Sometimes I think they crash into me just to see what it looks like from space. Like about 20 earths (I think you call them months) ago I felt this big jolt near my pole. It sent a chunk of my lovely white crust flying up in a big bright plume. And you  know what they did? They took a picture, of course. Wanna see?

Credit: NASA

And another thing. Just because I’m old, dried up, and covered with pock marks, doesn’t mean I don’t notice stuff!

There you have it, Space Bloggers. More clues from Destination Six. Sound like anyone you know?

Newcomers, jump on board.  Just check in at Space Game Rules!

About Jane Peddicord

Jane Ann Peddicord is an award winning author, lawyer, and space enthusiast. About her first book, NIGHT WONDERS, Laura Kraft of the W.M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii wrote, “We’ve long waited for books such as these to explain, in age-appropriate language, some of the fundamental concepts that have shaken the foundation of Physics.” Jane is represented by Rosemary Stimola of the Stimola Literary Studio and likes science, space, and springer spaniels.
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