Space Game! Where in the Solar System is Destination Four? (day 4)

Not again! Where does a human have to go for a little privacy in this solar system???

Well Space Bloggers, as you may have guessed, we’re not alone. Just like when we were on Mercury (Destination One), there’s a spaceship sharing our orbit. Only this one wasn’t sent by NASA.

Remember ESA? She skyped in from France on Day 1 to explain that strange view we were seeing. It turns out she knows so much about Destination Four because she’s had a ship in orbit here since April 2006! That’s 5 years! Wanna see? It’s right beneath us.

Credit: ESA (artist impression)

Hold on. We’re getting an urgent transmission.  Come in…is that you, NASA?… Roger that. I’ll tell them right now.

Well, Space Bloggers, NASA says that she also knows a thing or two about Destination Four. Just last year she sent a ship to orbit this globe. Unfortunately, that one…uh…missed. But two other ships, Galileo and Messenger, both passed by on their way to Jupiter and Mercury, respectively. They collected some great information! And NASA sent 3 other flybys and 2 orbiter probes out here.

The last one, Magellan, mapped practically the entire surface using special radar to see through the thick clouds. Then in a final suicide mission, it dipped down into the atmosphere and transmitted information until it either fried, melted, or was squashed. Maybe all three. One way or another it’s a goner.  But it gave us that great picture of the surface we saw on day 1, and these, dubbed the ‘tick’ volcano, and the ‘crater farm’. Can you tell which is which?

Images courtesy of NASA, NSSDC Image Catalog

Don’t worry. No astronauts were injured or killed in the making of these photos. All missions to Destination Four were carried out by robot ships skilfully piloted from planet Earth.

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